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UX/UI Designer
UX Researcher
Content Designer

Based Montreal, QC, Canada
Time Zone EST (GMT-4)
Looking For Full-Time Fun (work) 
Last Update June 2024


Fitfusion was created to help users find a personal trainer that matches them, their goals, their needs, and their desires so that they can build a long-term, positive relationship with their coach.


Vessi is a popular shoe brand with start-up roots in Vancouver, BC. They do $25M/revenue annually. They have amassed a cult-like following and their brand is very-well known and recognized for their waterproof footwear. What they are missing is an app. An e-commerce app is imperative for marketing, audience reach, and more sales. I took the liberty of creating one for them.

Let’s talk about Numbers:




full-length case studies in UX, UI, and Product design in this portfolio


years of UX research and experience

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