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louis g

about me...

about me...

louis g

i am a ux/ui designer and researcher

based out of Montréal, Québéc, Canada. 

my story

i'm louis guarino (gwar-ee-no).


i am a fitness business coach and owner with over 10 years of industry experience turned ux/ui designer and researcher.


because i love people. i love stories. i love connecting. i love curating experiences. i love being able to meet people where they are and elevate them higher.

i care about people.

design comes natural. a keen eye for detail is my gift. encouraging others and building others up are my purpose. creativity runs in my blood. being both pragmatic and creative in solving issues users face has been the foundation of who i am as a professional and in essence, how i've always lived my life.

what i can do

  • As a UX designer, my approach is human-centred and empathetic. Using designed thinking, I am able to take the data from the research to create moodboards and perform storyboarding, prototyping, testing, and design presentation.

  • As a UI designer, I help bridge the gap between user needs and the technical execution by creating user-friendly, aesthetic designs that are intuitive. I am able to create mockups and prototypes and able to perform key tasks such as perform heuristic evaluations, create UI libraries, and always keep accessbility in mind. 

  • As a UX researcher, I am able to learn about the user, their needs, desires, and pain-points through user interviews and secondary research. I am able to problem-solve and think critically and seek the best possible options and solutions to solve user usability and accessibility issues.

  • Tools I am confident in using are the following but not limited to Figma, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Canva, Davinci Lightroom for video, Lottiefiles for motion graphics, Google Suite, Otter AI, and Chat GPT.

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