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Project Overview

In this 24 hour design sprint through Brainstation in partnership with Google, my team and I were tasked with empowering communities through education of new AI related technologies while maintaining user trust.

Time of Project

24 hours




UX/UI Designer, UX Researcher

Tools Used

AI is increasingly becoming a major part of our society and there is a big misunderstanding and even a lack of trust around AI and what it does, how it uses information, what it does with our own information, and the impact it has on ones privacy. My team of 2 data analysts, 2 software engineers, and myself as the UX/UI designer and researcher, looked at available data and came up with a solution that would not only educate users of AI (specifically Google Bard) but also empower them so they are in control.

Initial Thoughts

Data Analysis

Based on the stats and analysis found via the data scientists

AI Transparency

It's crucial to demystify the "black box" of Al.

AI Acceptance

41% of young adults (18-34) are more open to Al if informed.

AI Regulation

It's crucial to demystify the "black box" of Al.

Conducted by Ada Lovelace Institute and The Alan Turing Institute.

and looking at other data involving gender, we opted to choose a woman user persona as women are less likely to trust AI in comparison to men₁ ₂ ₃

This would be the demographic we would empower through education of new AI related technologies while maintaining user trust.

After Hours of Collecting Data...


*From our slideshow presentation

The Vision


Provide onboarding information for the first time user of the app so that they understand what AI is and what it does. This information would also be found in the settings portion of the app so they have that information available.


Giving the user freedom to control which apps AI has access to and which ones it doesn't gives the user the control and freedom to make their informed choices while building and keeping trust in the technology and even more; give the user a feeling of relief that they know they are in control of their privacy and data.

Key Learnings

  • AI is powerful and going to be super useful as it continues to grow and evolve. That said, as it stands, there is nothing to fear when it comes to AI as it really is a high-powered search engine and information deliverer - not the destroyer of mankind.

  • When everyone does their job, projects come together as they should - and better. I was fortunate to have a solid team during this sprint.

  • Solving complex problems can come from simple solutions.

Final Thoughts

Being part of a design sprint via Google was an incredible opportunity I never thought I would have. I am incredibly grateful for all that I've learned in BrainStation and what I was able to apply during this design sprint. I also learned a lot more about AI and fortunate to be a part of a team that shared the same vision in creating an app that empowers users and helps build their trust as it pertains to AI.

Thank you.

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