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Eau de Lune

Eau de Lune is Montréal's newest yoga studio with services including massage therapy and doula services. The yoga studio will be located in Montréal's east end in Hochelaga. I was approached to do a complete rebrand including logo creation, brand colours, and typographie.

Eau de Lune

Montréal's Newest Yogo Studio

Logo Creation

The owner had given me inspiration based on other yoga businesses whos branding matched the style she wanted. Eau de Lune is french for "Moonwater". The logo was created to match the name and the vibe of the studio. Not rigid in nature, lines that are a varying in width and but in sync. Water is flows with, on, and around everything taking shape of the surface. This is the reason for the look of the water design.


The crescent moon is a sign of fertility, womanhood, and empowerment.


The 8-point star represents the 8 limbs of yoga (Ethical Guidelines, Personal Disciplines, Physical Postures, Breath Control, Withdrawal of Senses, Concentration, Meditation, and Bliss).

Brand Colours

The owner wanted an earthy feel while maintaining a colourful and welcoming feel. After sending a first version for approval, she wanted to have more of a brown to go with black and white. To expand the colour palette based on the feel of what she was after, I researched what colours were generally associated with the practice of yoga and what the feel we were going for. We went with purple and green accent colours (generally associated with yoga studios) and an orange for a burst of energy.

Buttons 1

Accessible buttons on a brown background

Buttons 2

Accessible Buttons on a white background

Buttons 3

Accessible buttons on a black background


The header font is Wisteria. The reasons for this font choice is because visually, it's flowy - like water. Like water, it's takes up in the thinnest of areas as well as the larger of areas. The font is modern, chic, and elegant. Like a true yogi, the ability to move gracefully and elegantly shows itself in the body that practices the art of yoga and in the font choice. For body text, we went with Quicksand. The reason for this is first, accessibility and readability, but from a brand perspective, it offers contrast to the sharper, more elegant font of Wisteria.

While Wisteria offers a more elegant and chic look, Quicksand offers a welcoming and friendly feel.





Her Response

"Honnêment j'adore ça. J'ai eu une belle émotion en voyant le logo avec le nom. Ça m'a donné une émotion." translated into English as, ""Honestly, I love it. I was really moved when I saw the logo with the name. It gave me a very emotional feeling."

Contact Me transparents.png
Contact Me transparents.png

Final Thoughts

The best way to realize a person's dreams is to listen to them and to understand their vision. This requires research, involving them in the process, and not only giving them what they think they want but offering something they may not have thought of. That's the fun in design. People are so bombarded by what they see everyone doing that when someone puts their personal touch on it, it makes everything that much better and personal to the person requesting branding.

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