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Project Overview

Vessi is a popular shoe brand with start-up roots in Vancouver, BC. They do $25M/revenue annually. They have amassed a cult-like following and their brand is very-well known and recognized for their waterproof footwear. What they are missing is an app. An e-commerce app is imperative for marketing, audience reach, and more sales. I took the liberty of creating one for them.

Time of Project

2 weeks




UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Researcher

Tools Used


Project Length


UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI Designer

2 Weeks

Why Is This Needed?

Before we get into the technical aspect of things, let's speak in plain language. There is an app for everything. As it pertains to e-commerce, I'll speak from personal experience that mobile web stores generally are a nightmare as optimization isn't always the best. Every single major brand whether it's Amazon, Nike, Lululemon, Adidas, Apple, so on and so forth, has an e-commerce app that allows users to explore their store and products in a way that is more fluid, unique to the brand, seamless, is generally a more user-friendly mobile environment.

Behind the Concept

In today's digital world, it's almost imperative that an e-commerce store has a mobile app.

"Mobile e-commerce sales reached $2.2 trillion in 2023 and now make up 60 percent of all e-commerce sales around the world. The share of mobile e-commerce in all e-commerce has been on a steady climb, up from just 56 percent in 2018 to an expected 62 percent in 2027." - Statista

Vessi has 300k+ followers on IG with an engagement rate of .35% according to A good engagement rate is anywhere between 1-5% ( Providing a mobile app can not only bring in more revenue, it can and will also increase the community and more raving fans. It's their missing marketing channel to engage with their audience.

Here's What I Found Through Research



A Look At Their Existing Design

By carefully adapting the design system from Vessi's mobile site to the mobile app, the goal was to create a consistent and enjoyable user experience that aligns with the brand while taking advantage of the unique capabilities of mobile devices.

Below are the screens from the app I designed.

Having A Mobile App Is A No-Brainer

If you have the ability to increase your revenue exponentially while being able to provide a quality user experience, build brand trust, and create more customers, it's a win-win. A company like Vessi with 300k+ followers on IG and highly-rated shoes as per their website, they are leaving a lot money on the table and a better way to reach new customers while satisfying returning ones with a unique experience only found through an e-commerce app.

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Video Demo

This is a video demo of the prototype for purchasing a pair of men's Vessi shoes from the homepage to the check-out screen.

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